• Toronto Riichi Open 2023 Results

    Update 2023-08-29: The tournament is now finished! The final results are posted below.

    The results of the Toronto Riichi Open 2023 are in! The table below gives the scores and rank after the last hanchan. Players were placed into divisions of 16 players based on their rank after the 6th hanchan. Scores for were halved (rounding up) for the top 16, and reset for the rest. 2 more hanchan were played after that.

    Rank Name Club Score
    1 Max S. Greater Cincinnati Riichi Mahjong 89.0
    2 Miguel C. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) 79.1
    3 Paul C. Ottawa, Canada 71.9
    4 Sylvie B. Québec, Canada 66.9
    5 Rob C. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) 61.1
    6 William S. Columbus Riichi Mahjong Club 40.1
    7 Hue C. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) 30.2
    8 Michael M. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) 26.5
    9 Pokey Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) 16.3
    10 Calvin C. Riichi Nomi NYC 6.8
    11 Frank W. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) 4.3
    12 Philippe O. Montreal Riichi Club 3.0
    13 Leo Z. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) -0.8
    14 Joseph M. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) -0.8
    15 Ty K. Nine Gates Mahjong Club -2.8
    16 Ivan W. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) -29
    17 Grant M. Montreal Riichi Club 75.2
    18 Guo Qiang C. Toronto, Canada 64.3
    19 Jim Y. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) 47.3
    20 Feng Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) 39.2
    21 Vinny T. Riichi Nomi NYC 6.6
    22 Pio Y. Riichi Nomi NYC 6.6
    23 Ran C. Montreal Riichi Club 3.4
    24 Takahiro S.   -7.7
    25 Claire P. Riichi Nomi NYC -12.2
    26 Vincent Z. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) -12.8
    27 Jeremy T. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) -21.2
    28 Dennis K. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) -28.2
    29 Yufang (Harry) H. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) -29.4
    30 Luke M. Hammergirl Anime Mahjong -32.9
    31 Vincent S. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) -39.6
    32 Ben Z. Riichi Nomi NYC -59.6
    33 Mark T. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) 66.2
    34 Andrew S. SE Michigan Riichi 25.2
    35 Henry V. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) 21.2
    36 Melissa F. Riichi Nomi NYC 19.8
    37 Isaac V. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) 12.1
    38 Leslie C. Atlanta Riichi Club (ARC) 8.0
    39 Christopher L. Riichi Nomi NYC -2.6
    40 Michael D. Ontario, Canada -2.7
    41 Melvin P. Riichi Nomi NYC -20.0
    42 Lorenzo D. Montreal Riichi Club -32.1
    43 Eric Z. Toronto Riichi Club (TORI) -36.2
    44 Estey G. Nine Gates Mahjong Club -44.8
    45 Ryan W. Manitoba, Canada -60
    46 Tony T. Ontario, Canada -62.2
    47 Sub 1   (81.5)
    48 Sub 2   (3.8)

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    Thank you to all participants, staff and substitutes for making this tournament a success. Thanks as well to ReachMahjong.com for sponsoring some of the prizes. See you all next year!

    Group photo with the participants, staff and substitutes of the Toronto Riichi Open 2023. Prize winners show off their awards.

    Group photo. Missing: Andrew S., Ben Z., Calvin C., Claire P., Feng, Frank W., Grant M., Guo Qiang C., Jeremy T., Leo Z., Lorenzo D., Melissa F., Paul C., Philippe O., Ran C., Ryan W., Sylvie B., Ty K., Vincent Z., Vinny T.

  • Toronto Riichi Open 2023

    The Toronto Riichi Club is excited to announce the first Toronto Riichi Open (TRO). We hope to see you there!

    All those interested should join the TRO Discord server or send an email to toronto-riichi-open+subscribe@googlegroups.com to subscribe to the mailing list.

    Update 2023-08-26: Check out the scores!

    Table of Contents


    The TRO is a two-day tournament.

    • Day 1: Saturday, August 26, 2023. 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
    • Day 2: Sunday, August 27, 2023. 9:00 am – 9:00 pm


    International Living/Learning Centre, International Room
    Toronto Metropolitan University
    240 Jarvis St
    Toronto ON  M5B 2L1

    After entering from the Jarvis St. entrance, walk straight down the hall past reception and vending machine. The room will be on the left just past the open waiting area.

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